Raised Bed Gardens

Why Raised Bed Gardens?

California has hard pack clay, making it difficult to grow edible plants. Our solution is raised bed gardens. These are perfect for growing vegetables and flowers in your backyard.

In addition to their beauty, raised bed gardens provide a controlled environment, into which we implement our premium organic soil, perfect for growing edible plants.

They prevent soil compaction, which threatens your garden by restricting air and water from flowing freely through the soil. Raised bed gardens were developed to create the ideal growing conditions for most types of plants.

Raised bed gardens are perfect for your home

Their design was inspired by early gardeners who would wait until later in the season to plant their crops. Planting later in the season (or in this case using a raised bed) offers your garden warmer soil and better drainage. Our professionals at Harvest to Home collaborate with you to create the perfect raised bed garden for your home.

There are many advantages to having a raised bed garden.

Higher Yields

Gardens with better root growth tend to produce better yields. This is especially true for organic edible gardens. Also, planting in raised bed gardens allow you to grow more plants in a smaller area. Our Harvest to Home professionals work with you to get the most out of your space.

Try a raised bed garden in your home

Quality Control

Raised bed gardens allow for control over the quality of soil, providing ideal conditions for your vegetables to grow. Harvest to Home professionals fill the beds with our premium organic soil blend and amendments, assuring that your plants will have access to all of the nutrients that they need to thrive. And because the raised bed garden doesn’t mix with the natives soil, it doesn’t break down, but remains consistent, providing abundant crops season after season.

A raised bed garden featured at our showroom

Superior Drainage

Raised bed gardens create the ideal environment for light, aerated soil. They allow roots to freely grow within the soil, and help plants thrive in otherwise waterlogged or heavily compacted areas. Although there is some variation among plants, this is the ideal environment for most root growth.

A raised bed garden makes planting easy

Utilize All Areas

Raised bed gardens allow you to plant in locations that you otherwise could not. They make it possible to feature a beautiful rooftop garden, or to grow in an area covered with rocks or cement. Some of our customers have opted for terraced raised bed gardens, which transform previously unused hillsides into the perfect spot for your organic edible garden. Regardless of the space, a raised bed garden will transform an empty space into a beautiful, thriving garden. 

Our customers love their raised bed garden

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