Elberta Peach


Chill Hours: Vary

Fruit Ripens: June-July

Our deciduous salad tree will have 4-5 varieties composed of the following:

  • July Elberta Peaches (500 chill hours) – One of the most popular peach trees, notorious for its sweet, succulent fruit with the tell-tale blush covering its skin when perfectly ripe.
  • Fantasia Nectarine (500 chill hours)- Bright pink flowers cover the branches in spring, providing showy color and attracting butterflies and birds. It has very large fruit with red skin and bright yellow, firm flesh.
  • Babcock Peach (300 chill hours)- A Dave Wilson’s Taste Test Top Scorer that has been a long-time favorite for both fresh eating and canning.
  • Santa Rosa Plum (500 chill hours)- Beautiful, large, red fruits with gold flesh. These sweet plums are delicious when eaten fresh, cooked or canned.
  • Royal Apricot (300 chill hours)- Delicious to eat right out of hand when fresh, perfectly balanced with sweetness and acidity. When dried they make a wonderful yearlong snack.