Growing Basil

How to grow Basil

Growing Basil is easy in your Harvest to Home garden. Here are some tips to show you how to grow basil making it easy and fun. Basil is a hearty plant that provides plenty of fragrant leaves to cook with. You want to give the plant a few weeks to get established. Once the plant is 10-12 inches you can start to pick about 25% of the plant at one time. In fact the more you pick the more it promotes the plant to produce leaves. When picking herbs make sure to only harvest the leaves and not the stems. The only time you want to harvest the stem is when a plant is growing very large and shading out the plant next to it.

Basil will start to flower if conditions are not ideal, so make sure to PINCH OFF THE FLOWERS when the plants starts to produce them. This trick the plant into giving you more leaves instead of flowers. Another great idea is to take all the flowers you have pinched off and place them in a bowl, this will give you a natural organic potpourri! After a few months your Basil plant will grow so large that you will become a hit with the neighbors!

Organic Basil Information

Mint Family

Warm season herb

Growing basil is great in your Harvest to Home garden. It will grow to about 2 to 3 feet tall and a foot wide. Its flavors cover a remarkable range, including anise, cinnamon basil, clove basil, coriander basil, lemon basil and lime basil. As a culinary herb, basil is critical in everything from pesto to Indian and southwest Asian cuisine. It can be used fresh or dry, its leaves lend a pleasant, mildly sweet flavor to sauces, cooked dishes, omelets, and vegetable stir fry and even salads.

Best Site: In a sunny location in warm weather.

Pruning and training: To prolong leaf production (which will cease when the plants come into bloom) simply pinch off flower spikes as they form.

Time to harvest: Harvest in 3 weeks and on until it begins to bloom.

Harvest: Pick off leaves as needed, the more you pick the more it promotes the plant to produce more leaves. Do not cut the stems to harvest.


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