Growing Cilantro

How to grow Cilantro

Growing cilantro is easy in your Harvest to Home garden. One cilantro plant will provide you with plenty of leaves all season along! To grow, give the cilantro a few weeks to get established in your box. Once it has grown into a nice small bush about 6-12 inches in diameter start to pick 25% of the plant. When harvesting cilantro make sure to only harvest the leaves and not the stems. The only time you want to harvest the stem is when a plant is growing very large and shading out the herb next to it. Cilantro does not like warm weather and will start to flower immediately. It enjoys cold, crisp, sunny weather. After a few months your herb plants will grow so large that you will become a hit with the neighbors!

Cilantro Information

Carrot Family

Cool weather herb

This western Mediterranean native grows 1 to 1 and a half feet tall and 1 foot wide. Growing cilantro with Harvest to Home is much more potent in taste than what you are used to in the store. The fresh leaves are widely used as seasoning, and roots are often used in Thai cooking. Cilantro is popular in salads, salsas and nearly anything else you want to add a fresh kick to.

Best Site: In a sunny location or light shade in cooler weather.

Quantity: Up to 6 plants per box generally intermixed with other herbs.

Pruning and training: Remove the flower buds as they appear and any dead leaves.

Harvest time: Harvest in 3 weeks and on throughout the season.

Harvesting: Pick the leaves off of the stems. You may start once the plant has reached 8 inches. If you have too many leaves chop them up and freeze them.

Pest control: Regular applications of neem oil recommended.