Melogold Grapefruit

Fruit Ripens: December through March

Standard Tree Maturity Size: 8’x 10′

Melogold grapefruit is a citrus hybrid similar to the oroblanco; both result from a cross between the pomelo and the grapefruit and is a fruit similar to a sweet grapefruit. MeloGold grapefruit are roughly round in shape, with a flattened base. When mature, their rind is tough and golden yellow with a thick layer of white pith.

MeloGold grapefruit flesh is a pale, translucent yellow, segmented, seedless, tender and juicy. The flavor of the MeloGold is mild and sweet; it is known as the sweetest of all grapefruit varieties, making them ideal for eating fresh. You can toss it in salad or fruit desserts, or freely pair it with goat’s milk or blue cheeses, potatoes, legumes and bitter greens. Olive oil, honey, vinegar, salt, sugar or chiles are all fantastic additions to enhance the grapefruit flavor.