Fruit Ripens: February to May

Standard Tree Maturity Size: 15’x 10′  

Semi-Dwarf Tree Maturity Size: 10’x 6′

The Page Mandarin Tree grows in many locations and has extensive branches and well established roots and stems. Its fruit is nearly seedless, medium in size and has a red orange thin skin. Note that they are only moderately easy to peel. Early in the season, the best way to eat it is to slice it into sections; later on, peeling is an option. Yet once you make it through, you will see why it has become so popular in California home gardens. It is three-fourths mandarin and one-fourth grapefruit: a hybrid between Minneola Tangelo and Clementine Mandarin. This gives its very tender and juicy flesh an intense flavor- like a sweet, juicy orange with a touch of wild mandarin spice.