Commercial Garden Services

Commercial Garden Services

All of our services can be utilized in your business as well as your home. Our commercial garden service beautiful living art that adds style and personality to your office, as well edible gardens that help your employees to stay healthy and productive.  

We perform routine maintenance as part of our garden service, harvesting your producing and caring for your plants.

We maintain working relationships with a range of large and small local businesses, and Urban Decay utilizes our garden service to offer fresh produce to their employees straight from their office’s organic garden.

Commercial Garden Services

Their employees love their organic fruits and vegetables, and spend their free time enjoying the garden’s natural beauty. Contact us today to learn which of our commercial garden services will work best with your business!

  • Indoor & outdoor vertical walls
  • Moss walls
  • Succulent walls
  • Organic vegetable & herb gardens
  • Orchards
  • Custom potted plant arrangements
  • And more!

Our commercial garden services are perfect for a range of commercial services, and help to increase company morale and organizational commitment.

Hotels & Restaurants

With the recent trend in utilizing hotels as wedding venues, maintaining a beautiful garden is essential to increasing your business. Receptions are often held at the newlywed’s favorite restaurant, and incorporating living art into your restaurant will help your business to stand out from the competition and draw new patrons.

Our commercial garden service is aimed at one thing- drawing customers to your location and increasing your business. We achieve this by offering gorgeous, unique living art to draw your customers in and inspire appreciation and conversation. Patrons will enjoy their meal or their stay while taking in your succulent walls and mos walls. Our art adds to their experience, and helps to round out your service and truly create a memorable experience.

Keep providing your high quality service and leave the aesthetics to us. Our commercial garden service won’t disappoint.