Mid Pride Peach


Chill Hours: Vary

Fruit Ripens: April- August

Our 4 In 1 Peach Salad Tree features May Pride, Mid Pride, Desert Gold, Florida Prince, and Eva Pride peaches.

  • May Pride Peaches require 200 chill hours, and are large, sweet and tangy.
  • Mid Pride Peaches require 250 chill hours, and are yellowish orange fruits with sweet flavors.
  • Desert Gold Peaches require 250 chill hours, and are large with exceptionally good flavor and sweetness for its early variety.
  • Florida Prince Peaches require 150 chill hours, and are also known as Yellow Cling peaches. They are marked by an appetizing, orange-yellow colour and a high content in juice. Once fully ripe, the fruit tastes aromatic and sweet.
  • Eva Pride Peaches require 200 chill hours, and are delicious, fine flavored peaches.