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Have Your Own Organic Edible Garden

An organic garden kit with everything you need to get started. No guesswork. Just pick it up and get started. 

A premium, easy garden kit that fits in the trunk of your car and won’t leave you guessing.

We created a DIY garden kit so families can build their own gardens using customizable supply kits with simple instructions. Our kit is a one stop solution for starting a garden that takes out all the guess-work and provides you the best materials possible to set you and your family up for success.

Discounted prices! 
$400 $299 (for 2’x3′)
$500 $375 (for 2’x4′) 

What does the kit include?

DIY Garden Kit

A Premium, Durable Cedar Raised Garden Bed

Our raised garden boxes are built to last and are handmade in the USA. They come in two sizes, 2’x4’ feet and 2’x3’ feet. You can order multiple beds if you want a larger garden.

Private Label Organic Soil

Our private label organic soil that is blended solely for Harvest to Home to help grow the largest and healthiest plants to grow the highest-quality produce possible. This is our secret sauce! Make no mistake, not all soils are created equal and having the right soil is essential for ensuring your garden grows nutrient-rich food.

Non-GMO Plants of Your Choice

Plant your garden with your favorite plants by choosing from our stock of non-GMO seedlings. Not sure what to grow? Don’t worry we’ll help you pick out the things that will grow best for you.

‘No-Guessing’ Instructions

Our instructions will tell exactly what you need to do make sure your garden is a delicious success! We’ll explain how to properly place your garden, how to plant it, tend it, fertilize it, and harvest from it.

On-Demand Virtual Support

Need a little extra help? We got you covered! We’re happy to provide virtual consultations for a nominal fee. Schedule a FaceTime call from your garden, or you can email us pictures and we’ll talk you through what needs to get done over the phone.

Reserve your garden kit today!

Just enter your information below along with what you would like to order. Then we will contact you with a date/time to come choose your seedlings and pick up your garden from our showroom in Costa Mesa (limited delivery options are available).

Discounted prices! 
$400 $299 (for 2’x3′)
$500 $375 (for 2’x4′)

Frequently Ask Questions

What makes the kit special?

There are many things that make our kits special, first the high quality wood, design, and manufacturing of the raised bed itself which is proudly produced in the USA. Our magic soil blend combined with our special fertilizer/amendment blend will provide the best results for you and your family. Also all of our soil, fertilizers, amendments, and plants are ORGANIC and GMO FREE unlike what you see at home improvement centers. With our kit you will get a higher yield and healthier food compared to other retailers due to the quality of materials and directions provided, this means more food for you and your family! Lastly, you will receive instructions on how to plant and maintain a successful at home garden. We take the guess work out for you to get started! 

How I get the kit? 

Schedule a time to pick up the kit from our Costa Mesa showroom

How do I get the kit home if I don’t have a truck? 

Not to worry, we designed the kits to fit in the back seat of your car or trunk with its compact 2ft x 3ft design. We also have our 2ft x 4ft for those we can accommodate the extra space

How do I transport the soil? 

This is no problem because the soil comes inside the box which has a bottom liner to hold it in.

What if I want a larger garden? 

You can put individual kits together to create any size bed you prefer. You may also spread them throughout your yard. Additionally, you can look into our garden service that does all the work for you!

What if I don’t know what I am doing? 

No problem! Our instructions will help you choose the best spot to place your garden along with how to mix the fertilizer, plant the garden, water, and take care of it. We also offer a concierge service via FaceTime to go over any specific questions you may encounter at additional cost. 

How much food do I get from each box?

Each plant is unique so they take up different amounts of space and produce varying yields. For example, a 2’x3’ bed can fit 4 tomato plants in the back and 6 lettuce plants in the front. Depending on the variety and sunlight the tomatoes can produce up to 20-40lbs throughout the season. Unlike the grocery store the lettuce will produce far more than 6 heads! Simply pick the outside leaves as needed and the inside leaves will take their place. You do not harvest the entire head of lettuce at one time which means you get the freshest lettuce for your salads possible! 

When/how do we choose our plants? 

Choose your plants when you are scheduling your pick-up with our representative who will provide you with a pre-selected list to choose from.

Do I need direct sunlight? 

Yes an edible garden needs at least 5 hours of direct sunlight per day and the more the better!

How do I water the garden? 

Going outside and watering your garden with your family becomes a wonderful part of your day! You may simply run a hose over the plant box to water or if you prefer automatic watering we can recommend an irrigation kit that you can purchase from most local home improvement stores.

How often does my garden need to be watered? 

Gardens generally need a small amount of water daily which makes it a fun daily activity. Many people feel there is a therapeutic aspect that comes from tending to their garden.

What if I don’t have a yard with soil to place it on, can I put my garden on concrete, a balcony, or a roof? 

Yes! We have a leg kit for the garden beds to securely stand them on any hard surface

Our Testimonials

I feel totally confident in my ability to keep my self-watering, pre-planted garden alive and thriving… Thanks to Harvest to Home the dreams of my inner hippie are now fully realized!
-Dana G.
Mike and Kirk seemed genuinely interested in making everything as perfect as they could. We worked out an agreement and they came through! Thanks guys!
-George R. C.
If you want to start your own garden but don’t have any experience or don’t know where to start, I would recommend using Harvest to Home.
-Twinga C.
I can’t tell you how happy I am that I’ve found a company as thorough as Harvest to Home. I can honestly say it’s been a long time since I’ve eaten such fresh vegetables and herbs! Thank you Harvest to Home!
-Lynn M. C.
Mike has been great to work with, his customer service is amazing. We also take part in their monthly maintenance service, we’ve had a few different people come out and they are all knowledgeable and helpful. I highly recommend Harvest to Home!
-Carlo V.