Edible Garden Consulation

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Live Naturally. Create a peaceful, flourishing space bursting with fresh, organic fruits, vegetables and herbs right in your backyard.

In an Edible Garden Consultation, we send our experienced Garden Design Consultant to your home to design your ideal garden.

Simply select a date and time below and our consultant will help you to design your dream garden.

This Service Includes:

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Total Cost

Orange County: $100

Los Angeles County: $125

If you move forward with your installation, we credit the deposit towards your garden!

Edible Garden Consultation

  1. Site Survey: find the best place for your garden
  2. Sun Measurement: locate an optimal area for the garden
  3. Potential Yield Estimate: based upon your sunlight and situation
  4. Irrigation Survey: to best determine how water can be run to your garden
  5. Styles and Options: Guidance through your different options in styles of raised beds, wine barrels, shapes, accents, etc. to best suit your tastes
  6. Design Layout: with landscape flags or diagram
  7. Plant List: what you can grow each season, and how much each plant yields
  8. Soil and Fertilizers: the best ones for your garden (we’ll bring you a soil sample)