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Your Garden Design Professionals

Harvest to Home specializes in garden design. We provide design, installation, and maintenance of organic edible gardens, green walls, and living art. We offer service throughout Orange County and Los Angeles County, and maintain a beautiful showroom in Costa Mesa.

Please visit our showroom to see firsthand examples of our services, and to learn more about the many unique garden design options available to your home or business. This includes edible gardens, green walls, living art, custom painted pottery, and a variety of plant life.

We also offer complimentary gardening classes each month.

The garden design showroom at Harvest to Home

Our philosophy is to assist our customers in promoting healthy living. This is done through the growth of organic fruits and vegetables, and the therapeutic benefits of living surrounded by green walls and living art. Our garden design professionals at Harvest to Home make this style of natural living easy.

Get more information on free gardening classes, gardening tips, and additional services.

Featured Services:

A garden design example located at our showroom

Edible Gardens

The mission of our garden design service is to provide our customers and their families with healthy, delicious fruits and vegetables grown fresh in their own backyards.

Our families are interested in and understand the value of homegrown organic produce, but may not have the green thumb necessary to maintain their own garden. Our garden design professionals provide that green thumb, offering you a comprehensive organic gardening service.

Beginning with plant selection and garden design, moving on to professional installation, all the way to weekly maintenance, Harvest to Home is proud to be your first choice for organic gardening.

Please visit our edible garden page for more information and examples of our work.

Succulent Walls

Our garden design team is proud to offer our customers gorgeous succulent walls for your home or business. Succulent walls are absolutely breathtaking, and we are able to offer you unique designs based on your preferences.

Each unique piece that our garden design professionals create truly brings character and personality to your home.

Please visit our Succulent Wall page for more information and examples of our work.

living art garden design

Moss Walls

Harvest to Home specializes in moss wall design for your home or business. These walls are a gorgeous addition to your space and are highly customizable for a more natural or modern look. In addition to their beauty, one of the biggest benefits of moss walls is that they are extremely low maintenance.

In addition, the moss that our garden design professionals use is preserved using a completely non-toxic process, and allows them to stand the test of time.

Please visit our Moss Wall page to see which option is best for you.

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