Garden Doctor Consultation

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Is your garden failing to produce the abundant, delicious harvest of fruits, vegetables, and herbs that you envisioned? Or do you dream of growing or expanding your garden yourself, but aren’t sure of how to start? Just like we go to the doctor to keep our bodies thriving, sometimes our gardens need help from an expert.

In a Garden Doctor Consultation, we send our experienced Garden Design Consultant to your home for a “checkup” to figure out what is going on with your garden, and to help you get it going in the right direction.

This Service Includes:

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Total Cost: $250

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Garden Doctor Consultation

  1. General garden diagnosis
  2. Sun measurement
  3. Irrigation recommendation
  4. Soil check and recommendation
  5. Analysis of which plants will grow best in your yard, what time of year they grow, and what kind of yields to expect
  6. Pest check and combat recommendation
  7. Recommendations for the best organic fertilizer for your plants
  8. Instruction in what plants need to be trained/pruned and how to do it
  9. Answers to any garden-related questions you may have
  10. Up to 2 hours of consulting (then +$75/hour)
  11. Written garden health report with recommendations
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