You are not the only one who wants to eat food from your garden, pests would like to join in on the organic feast as well. But they can easily destroy your garden and in some cases do it very quickly. We offer a full line of organic sprays to help prevent as well as get rid of any unwanted pests. If you take a few minutes to spray your garden every week, you can almost guarantee its success!

Essential Oil Special blend (Purchase Essential Oil)- This blend will help protect your plants against whites flies, green flies, aphids, and will also protect against mildew. This is a blend or Rosemary Oil, Thyme Oil, Mint Oil and more. This is a general plant health spray with vital nutrients to keep your plants happy!

BT “Bacillus Thuringiensis”(Purchase “BT”)- BT is used against caterpillars, there larva is brought to the plants by butterflies and once hatch the caterpillars will start eating holes through the leaves of the plant. A large infestation can ingest an entire tomato bush in a matter of days. BT is a soil-dwelling bacterium used as an alternative to pesticides. BT is regarded as environmentally friendly, with no effect on humans, wildlife, pollinators, and most other beneficial insects.