Harvest to Home offers FREE gardening classes at our Costa Mesa showroom!  Pre-registration is required, click here to sign up. Below are some of our subjects…

 Edible Backyard Gardening Basics/ A class for every season- spring, summer, fall, winter

  • What grows well during certain times of the year
  • Companion Plants
  • How to plant seeds and starts/demo
  • Watering requirements
  • Fertilizing basics
  • Soil Basics
gardening classes at our Costa Mesa showroom

Planting a Fruit tree

  • Picking the right tree for you…light, location, preference
  • Proper planting technique/ demo
  • When to fertilize
  • Fruit tasting
  • Look into Dave Wilson trees


  • Compost Tea- finding the right brewer,  how to brew, how to apply, show difference in plant growth with commercial fertilizers vs. Tea
  • Worm Castings- the setup, worm care, harvesting and applying
  • Compost bins- choosing the best bin, what to put in it(and what to avoid) maintaining your bin, harvesting and applying

 Promoting Pollinators

  • Companion plants for your garden to attract bees and hummingbirds
  • Butterfly gardens

 Soil Science

  • How to put nutrients back into your soil
  • Importance of beneficial microbes

 Rain Barrels

  • Benefits of saving your rainwater
  • How to install
  • Saving grey water


  • When to prune
  • How to prune