Are Gardening Classes for Me?

No matter who you are, our gardening classes are perfect for you. Every other week we hold free gardening classes for anyone interested in learning more about growing plants. We have a diverse group of attendees, ranging from those who have never picked up a trowel to veteran gardeners looking to improve their skills and enjoy the sunshine!

Many of our customers come as a family, and use our gardening classes as a way to spend time together and grow closer. 

Please click on the following link to pre-register, or keep reading to learn more about what we offer.

gardening classes at our Costa Mesa showroom

Examples of past gardening classes at the Harvest to Home showroom include:

gardening classes are perfect for children

Edible Backyard Gardening Basics

Our basic gardening classes include:

  • What grows well during certain times of the year
  • Companion plants
  • How to plant seeds and starts/demo
  • Watering requirements
  • Fertilizing basics
  • Soil Basics

Planting a Fruit Tree

Planting a fruit tree is more complicated than you might think.

Developing a plan is very important, and can help you avoid common and potentially expensive mistakes. Our gardening classes address these issues, and provide information on:

  • Picking the right tree for you- light, location, preference
  • Proper planting technique/ demo
  • When to fertilize
  • Proper pruning


gardening classes include lessons on composting

Composting is the process of creating and utilizing organic material to help nurture your plants. Some gardeners create their own compost, while others choose to buy their compost from a gardening supplier.

Regardless of which you choose, understanding how to properly compost is an integral piece of maintaining a happy garden.

Our gardening classes offer the following composting instructions:

  • Compost Tea– finding the right brewer,  how to brew, how to apply, the difference in plant growth with commercial fertilizers vs. compost tea
  • Worm Castings– the setup, worm care, harvesting and applying
  • Compost Bins- choosing the best bin, what to put in it (and what to avoid) maintaining your bin, harvesting and applying

Promoting Pollinators

Pollination occurs when pollen is moved from one flower to another of the same species. Some plants are able to do this naturally, either through wind, water, or other methods. Most plants depend on insects and animals for help.

Our gardening classes assist you to promote pollinators through learning more about:

  • Companion plants for your garden to attract bees and hummingbirds
  • Butterfly gardens
gardening classes include lessons on pollinators

Soil Science

gardening classes include lessons on soil science

Understanding how the quality of soil affects the health of your plants is a very important component of gardening. Plants depend on soil to receive nutrition and sustenance, and different types of soil are more appropriate for different types of plants.

Our gardening classes will teach you:

  • How to put nutrients back into your soil
  • Importance of beneficial microbes

Rain Barrels

Rain barrels help you to conserve water for your garden, and can reduce your monthly water bill. Using the right rain barrel adds nutrients and dissolved minerals that are extremely beneficial to plants.

Our gardening classes instruct you on:

  • Benefits of saving your rainwater
  • How to install
  • Saving grey water
gardening classes include lessons on pruning


Our fruit tree nursery teaches customers about pruning

Pruning is essential when maintaining a garden. Additionally, different types of plants are best pruned under different circumstances at different times of the year.

Understanding how to prune effectively will encourage growth and keep your garden looking beautiful at all times.

Our gardening classes teach you:

  • When to prune
  • How to prune

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