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Moss Wall Service

We create breath-taking, living art; we work with you to find a beautiful arrangement of plants to display in your home.Moss walls come in a wide range of sizes and designs and make gorgeous additions to your home or yard.

Our service specializes in succulent wall design & installation for your home or business.

These breathtaking green walls are uniquely designed to your preference by our expert moss wall designer. We can provide a natural look or a custom design featuring a wave, swirl, heart, or even your name!

Talk to one of our designers today to create your own individualized moss wall for your home or business.

Design & Installation - We Take Care Of Both!

The Harvest to Home Approach

Harvest to Home is spearheading the resurgence of moss walls with our breathtaking designs and original creations of living art. Over the years, many of our customers have been interested in incorporating living art into their home, but have been weary of having to spend hours each week maintaining them. Because of this, we began exploring low maintenance options, and found that moss walls offered the ideal solution to this problem. This lead to our design team incorporating other organic materials into their designs and were thrilled by the results.

Today, we use uses lichen, driftwood, and other natural components to offer our customers a stunning, low maintenance piece of living art for their homes or businesses.


We begin the design process by coming to your home or business and finding the ideal spot for your wall. Once we find the best location, we work together with you to discover which plant or combination of plants best matches your preferences.

Our moss wall service designers keep in touch with you throughout the process, sending updates and pictures to ensure your satisfaction.

Once completed, they deliver it to your home ready-made, and mount it on the predetermined wall of your choice.

Why Moss Walls?

Moss walls are an ancient concept, and considered to be one of the oldest styles of living art. The first recorded use of moss walls was by Buddhist monks in the decoration of their monasteries.

These monks claimed that their beauty inspired a deep sense of peace and serenity, and that tending to and enjoying the living art helped them on their path to enlightenment.

Moss walls have returned to the spotlight in recent years, and are heavily favored by interior designers and anyone looking to add style and personality to their building.