Beautiful, Eye-Catching Green Walls

Green Walls

Green walls bring tranquility and beauty to any space. 

We offer indoor as well as outdoor installations, making green walls the perfect solution for any space. 

Our designers will help you figure out what type of wall is best for your space, as well as your favorite design.

We have standard designs as well as custom designs based off of your preferences.

Our maintenance services will help ensure your wall is looking great at all times of the year.

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Outdoor Succulent Green Walls

Outdoor succulent walls are perfect for those looking to beautify their space and make a statement.

These green walls are both beautiful and easy to maintain.

Succulent walls come a wide range of colors and plant designs, which gives you the opportunity to create truly unique living art.

Indoor Moss Walls

Indoor moss walls are one of the oldest forms of living art.

These green walls were first explored by Buddhist monks, who created their own moss walls in their own secluded monasteries.

The monks would contemplate the beauty of their green walls between meditating, and claimed that they gave them a sense of peace along their journey to enlightenment.

These indoor moss walls have made a comeback in recent years, and Harvest to Home has welcomed their resurgence by adding our own unique touch to their design.

We incorporate various types of moss and lichen into our designs, and the addition of driftwood gives your wall a truly unique feel.

In addition to their beauty, one of the biggest benefits of moss walls is that they are extremely low maintenance.


Outdoor Herb Walls


Outdoor herb walls bring together the best of design and horticulture to create an exquisite piece of living art and culinary resource.

Harvest to Home utilizes our years of experience to offer our customers individualized designs based on their own unique tastes.

The outdoor herb wall’s beauty is unmatched, coming in a range of different colors and textures.

Additionally, we utilize an irrigation system that conserves water, which is modified to the unique designs of your outdoor herb wall.

Harvest to Home

Green walls are the perfect addition to your home or business.

They add charm and character to any room, and their resilience makes them the ideal low maintenance form of living art.

Just relax and enjoy their beauty for years to come!

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