Gorgeous, Maintenance-Free Moss Walls

Moss Walls

Harvest to Home specializes in moss wall design for your home or business.

These walls are a gorgeous addition to your space and are highly customizable for a more natural or modern look.

In addition to their beauty, one of the biggest benefits of moss walls is that they are extremely low maintenance.

  • No watering
  • No fertilizing
  • No sunlight required
  • Long lasting
  • Maintenance free

The moss we use is preserved using a completely non-toxic process, and allows them to stand the test of time.

We have a wide range of varieties and style options to choose from. 

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Unique History of Moss Walls

Moss walls are an ancient concept, and considered to be one of the oldest styles of living art. The first recorded use of moss walls  was by Buddhist monks in the decoration of their monasteries.

These monks claimed that their beauty inspired a deep sense of peace and serenity, and that tending to and enjoying the living art helped them on their path to enlightenment.

Moss walls have returned to the spotlight in recent years, and are heavily favored by interior designers and anyone looking to add style and personality to their building.

Individual designers have begun to add their own touch and style to their pieces, incorporating other organic materials into their moss wall design. This trend in customization allows for each individual to customize their wall according to their own preferences.

Harvest to Home designs and installs moss walls for customers in the great Orange County and Los Angeles County area. We take pride in our work and our ability to create truly stunning pieces of living art.

The Harvest to Home Approach

Harvest to Home is spearheading the resurgence of moss walls with our breathtaking designs and original creations of living art. Kristen Lowe is the foremost designer at Harvest to Home, and uses her exceptional talents to create moss walls, green walls, and other forms of living art.

Over the years, many of Kristen’s customers have been interested in incorporating living art into their home, but weary of having to spend hours each week maintaining them.

Kristen began exploring low maintenance options, and found that moss walls offered the ideal solution to this problem. She and her design team began incorporating other organic materials into their designs and were thrilled by the results.

Today, Kristen uses lichen, driftwood, and other natural components to offer her customers a stunning, low maintenance piece of living art for their homes or businesses.

Contact Kristen today at (949)873-5400, or fill out the contact form below for your one-of-a-kind moss wall!

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