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Organic Vegetable Garden Service

Harvest to Home specializes in installing and maintaining a thriving, nutrient-filled vegetable garden in your Orange County or Los Angeles home. Please fill out the form below to see how Harvest to Home can help bring an organic vegetable garden to your home today!  

Vegetable Garden Installations

Our home vegetable garden service begins with a consultation from one of our knowledgeable professionals who visits your home to…

  • Measure the sun
  • Find the best placement for your garden
  • Create the garden design of your choice
  • Create a plant list that caters to your favorite produce
  • Find out about your preferences to customize our service
  • Go over what to expect from the garden and our service

After the consultation, our installation professionals come out to install your new garden and turn your vision into a reality. Once your garden is installed, our maintenance team will keep everything looking great and producing tons of organic goodness for you and your family to enjoy!

Get started for as little as $1400. 

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We'll Transform Your Yard Into an Organic Edible Garden

Start: We come to your house to evaluate your yard and discuss your goals.

Install: We install your custom garden and plant it with your favorite fruits and vegetables.

Maintain: Our monthly maintenance service ensures you have a productive and healthy garden.

We make it easy to grow your own organic fruits and vegetables so you can ensure your family has fresh, nutrient-rich food.

We’ll design, install, and plant a custom garden that fits your space and meets your family’s needs.

No two gardens are the same so the price can range greatly depending on what you would like, but to give you an idea a standard 4’x8’x12” bed, with wood, soil, fertilizer, basic irrigation and planting starts at just $1,400 installed.

Hands-Free Vegetable Gardening


Maintaining an edible landscape is not an easy task. It requires a unique knowledge, specialized skill set, and a lot of time. If they are not properly cared for your plants will begin to grow into each other, produce smaller yields, and grow in disorderly clumps. Understanding when and how to harvest, proper methods of pruning, and how to ward off harmful bugs and pests are just a few of the essentials.

Custom Vegetable Gardens

Custom gardens are for someone who would like our home garden service to transform their landscape into their dream garden. Options include custom shapes and designs, gravel, walking paths, arbors, orchards, and much more!
Why not get rid of your lawn and replace it with something that takes up less water and gives back incredible organic produce filled with vitamins and nutrients?

The Harvest To Home Way

Harvest to Home offers the full spectrum of home garden services to anyone looking to eat healthier and enjoy the beauty of an organic garden.
Our gardens are perfect for families that want to eat healthy, but may not have the time or the knowledge to maintain their own garden. We design, install, and maintain your garden, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of fresh produce without any of the hassle.

General Pricing

No two gardens are the same so each project is specially designed for your space and tastes. To give you an idea a basic 4′ x 8′ x 12″ (32 sq ft) cedar raised bed garden with wood, premium organic soil, premium organic fertilizers, amendments, basic irrigation, all plants, and labor is $1400.


Our Testimonials

I feel totally confident in my ability to keep my self-watering, pre-planted garden alive and thriving… Thanks to Harvest to Home the dreams of my inner hippie are now fully realized!
-Dana G.
Mike and Kirk seemed genuinely interested in making everything as perfect as they could. We worked out an agreement and they came through! Thanks guys!
-George R. C.
If you want to start your own garden but don’t have any experience or don’t know where to start, I would recommend using Harvest to Home.
-Twinga C.
I can’t tell you how happy I am that I’ve found a company as thorough as Harvest to Home. I can honestly say it’s been a long time since I’ve eaten such fresh vegetables and herbs! Thank you Harvest to Home!
-Lynn M. C.
Mike has been great to work with, his customer service is amazing. We also take part in their monthly maintenance service, we’ve had a few different people come out and they are all knowledgeable and helpful. I highly recommend Harvest to Home!
-Carlo V.