Our Incredible Team

Mike Saraylian: Founder & CEO


Mike Saraylian has already planned out his funeral.

“A good way to map out your life is to decide what you want people to say in your eulogy” he explains. “And for better or for worse, we are constantly affecting the people around us. So at the end of it all I want people to be able to say that I had a positive impact.”

The Light Bulb Moment

A trip to Italy set Mike on course to make his positive impact. While touring the local countryside, he was amazed by the brilliant flavors of the local organic produce. Even a simple salad was a delectable revelation when composed of freshly picked lettuce and perfectly ripe tomatoes straight from the garden.

Mike had always loved to cook, but now fresh and organic ingredients starred in his meals. An idea began to brew for a business that connected people to an organic harvest right at home.

When he told his family and friends of his plans to quit a six-figure career to build vegetable and herb gardens, they told him that he was out of his mind (except his Mother). But Mike knew that he was on to something, and believed that with enough passion, effort, and positivity, anything was possible.


A Transformation

Mike simply built planters, shoveled dirt, and grew food in his own yard. The delicious simplicity, freshness and uniquely nuanced flavors of his homegrown harvests soon left him unable to go back to grocery store fruits and veggies.

Even more than that, he was feeling more energetic and vibrant each day. As Harvest to Home began to take off, Mike was more convinced than ever of the incredible service that the company was providing.

For his part, he continued to grow his business with passion and care. Those first humble planters have grown into a company that provides hundreds of people with full edible landscaping, friendly garden maintenance & classes, beautiful green walls, and living art pieces.

As always, more than anything, he hopes that his work and life are having a positive impact on people. “I’d want this to inspire people to do something- anything really. To grow as a person, read, start a morning routine, plant a garden, be healthier. We all have unique goals and dreams. To inspire someone forward to achieve them– that is my ultimate aspiration.”

Caity Chandler is our COO and #2 in charge at Harvest to Home. She handles our sales/design and runs the everyday operations. Growing up in Florida Caity has always had a passion for plants and has Horticulture Degree for the University of Florida. She loves the outdoors, hiking, and yoga.

Kirk Temple is our Field Manager/Garden Maintenance Specialist and the longest tenured organic produce gardener at Harvest to Home.  He has been critical to the growth of the company. His plant knowledge is vast, his love for organic produce runs deep, he is always positive and happy, and his service comes with a smile. Kirk grew up in Hawaii, loves to surf, and is an avid outdoors man.

Sergio Ramirez is the Maintenance and office manager at Harvest to Home. He supports our maintenance staff, our clients, and is in charge of our showroom. In his free time he enjoys playing soccer, reading, and nature hikes.

Kristen is our Green Wall Designer and simply amazing. She is the talent behind the incredible walls at Harvest to Home and a wonderfully strong part of our organic produce team. She is truly an artistic master with both succulents and moss. Kristen worked at Plant Depot for 8 years, running their vertical wall department before joining Harvest to Home.

In her free time she enjoys spending time with her family and surfing.

Perry is a garden maintenance specialist at Harvest to Home. His passion for plants runs deep as he is finishing up his degree in horticulture and truly loves what he does at Harvest to Home. Perry walks into each Monday morning company meeting with a smoothie packing with items he picked out of his garden at home!

Amy Cute, our new maintenance specialist.