Consultation Cost 
$100 Gardens / $75 walls (additional fee may apply outside oc) we ONLY charge this if you DO NOT move forward with any services, if you do move forward the consultation is free of charge! We will also credit the fee back towards service if you want to move forward after the time of the consultation.


General Pricing

Gardens- No two gardens are the same so each project is specially designed for your space and tastes. To give you an idea a basic 4′ x 8′ x 12″ (32 sq ft) redwood raised bed garden with wood, premium organic soil, premium organic fertilizers, amendments, basic irrigation, all plants, and labor is $1315

Walls- Moss Wall $80/sq ft for a basic package | Succulent Walls $170/sq ft This includes Design, wall system, all plants, installation, labor, etc

What does the consultation include?

  1. Site Survey: find the best location(s) for your garden beds
  2. Sun Measurement: determine how many hours of sun your plants will receive each season
  3. Potential Yield Estimate: based upon your sunlight and situation
  4. Irrigation Survey: to best determine how water can be run to your garden
  5. Styles and Options: Guidance through your different options in styles of raised beds, wine barrels, shapes, accents, etc. to best suit your tastes
  6. Plant List: what you can grow each season, and how much each plant yields
  7. Soil and Fertilizers: the best ones for your garden (we’ll bring you a soil sample)
  8. Design Layout: with landscape flags or diagram, and a cost estimate