We specialize in succulent wall design and succulent wall installations for your home or business. These breath taking walls are uniquely designed to your preference by our expert succulent wall designer. We can provide a natural look with the succulents planted with no particular order. Or a custom design like wave, swirl, heart, even your name!

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The Process-

We come out to your to evaluate your space in order to find the ideal location for the wall, then go over which design is ideal for you including which plants you would like. Then our designer keeps in close contact with you as we begin to plant your wall. Once we are finished and you approve the layout, we install you new wall.


We provide a special drip irrigation to ensure your wall is happy and growing. This can be split off of a hose spigot with a timer or plugged into your existing sprinkler system. The walls do have the ability to be hand watered as well if irrigation isn’t ideal for you.


Our staff provides monthly maintenance for your wall to ensure everything to growing well. The maintenance includes..



-General clean up

-Plant trimming


-Irrigation check