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Having home grown fruit is a must, especially while enjoying the beautiful Southern California weather. The taste of home grown fruit ripe off the tree is unlike anything found in a grocery store, and having the peace of mind of knowing that your fruit is fresh, full of vitamins, and free of pesticides is a beautiful thing.

Harvest to Home boasts an impressive fruit tree selection where you can find the perfect fruit tree for you and your family. Your tree will continue to produce for years, and is a great investment into your health. 

Harvest to Home’s fruit installation service makes growing your own fruit easy. 

Harvest to Home fruit tree nursery

Visit our showroom to access our comprehensive Fruit Tree Kiosk. All fruit trees can be planted in the ground, wine barrels, or in large pots..

Fruit Tree Kiosk

Our fruit tree nursery kiosk

Our fruit tree installation service uses a special planting method in order to give your trees proper drainage, as well as the highest quality soil and fertilizers to keep your new fruit tree happy.

We do much more than sell fruit trees- we deliver and install them properly.

We also maintain your fruit trees by regularly pruning, fertilizing, and keeping pests at bay so that you have a wonderful harvest each year.

Harvest to Home is committed to offering our customers a premium fruit tree selection.

Many of our customers have never owned a fruit tree, and are unaware of the myriad options and the benefits that come with maintaining a fruit tree in your home.

Caring for your tree, harvesting, and enjoying fresh fruit builds a fantastic experience, to which we are thrilled to introduce our customers through our fruit tree service.

There are many benefits to having a fruit tree right in your own backyard.

Benefits of Having a Fruit Tree

Harvest to Home is committed to offering our customers a choice selection of fruit trees that thrive in Southern California. Many of our customers have never owned a fruit tree, and are unaware of the myriad benefits that come with maintaining a fruit tree in your home. Each year your tree produces more and more fruit that tastes amazing.

Owning a fruit tree is a great experience, and we are thrilled to introduce our customers to this experience.

Fruit tree nursery examples

Nutritional Value

Incorporating fruit into your regular diet is a great way to stay healthy and fit. The fruits and vegetable sold in your local grocery store may be extremely healthy, but nothing can compare to the nutritional value of homegrown fruit grown right in your backyard.


Our fruit trees provides you and your family with an ongoing supply of fresh, healthy fruit. You and your family can eat healthy, organic meals without even having to leave your home. What better gift could you give your family than health?

Pride & Enjoyment

It’s difficult to explain the feeling of satisfaction when stepping outside, picking fruit from a tree that you grew yourself, and enjoying the remarkable taste as your body is filled with nutrients.

You’ll never know the amazing experience that you’re missing until you take home your very own tree.


Buying fruit from your local grocery store is great, but it’s saturated with chemicals. Store bought fruit is grown on a farm, harvested, then shipped across the country to your supermarket. It’s sprayed with pesticides, then doused with chemicals and preservatives to keep them safe along their journey.

The fruit grown from our fruit trees is completely natural, organic, and have never been tainted with chemicals. It is completely natural, and offer you and your family the highest nutritional value available.

Need Help Choosing a Fruit Tree?

There are a lot of factors that go into selecting the perfect tree for your home. This can include the type of soil you have, the size of your space, and of course taste.

 Our experienced professionals are here to assist you in finding the perfect fruit tree for your home.

More Benefits

Having very own tree will save you money, bring beauty to your home, add to your health, and make your neighbors happy. Any of our fruit trees will offer you consistent, delicious treats. It’s like having a health food store right in your own backyard!

Your fruit tree will offer your family the best produce in the world, all the while producing natural, organic fruit free of pesticides and chemicals.

Having a fruit tree also comes with a variety of environmental benefits. Trees filter and clean the air, lower soil erosion, and attract pollinating insects like bees that benefit every tree and plant in your yard.

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