Mint Family
Basil grows about 2-3 ft tall and 1 ft wide. Its flavors cover a remarkable range, including anise, cinnamon, clove, coriander, lemon and lime. As a culinary herb, basil is critical in everything from… ..>Organic Basil

Sunflower Family Originally from Europe and western Asia, this aromatic plant has naturalized in much of North America. Chamomile, sometimes called German chamomile, grows 1 to 1 foot tall... > Organic Chamomile

Lily Family
These plants are related to onions and garlic but are smaller. They form a nice cluster that can grow up to 1.5 ft to 2 ft. Chives are a very useful herb. They can be used early and often to add flavor to…. >Organic Chives

Carrot Family
This western Mediterranean native grows 1-1.5 ft high and 1 ft wide. The cilantro you will get from Harvest to Home is much more potent in taste than what you are used to in the store. The fresh… > Organic Cilantro

Carrot Family
Dill is native to southwestern Asia and has naturalized in the northern US. It grows 2-3 ft tall and 6 inches wide. The strong aroma of its leaves and seeds make it a very popular culinary herb. Use dill in… > Organic Dill

Mint Family
Tough and unfussy, these Mediterranean natives grow almost anywhere. Plants spread rapidly by underground stems and can be quite invasive. Harvest to Home makes this easy…. > Organic Mint

Mint Family
These popular “pizza herbs” will grow about 6 inches tall but will spread throughout the top of the box. The leaves will provide a strong scent and flavor. Oregano is used in many Italian Dishes… > Organic Oregano

Carrot Family
Parsley hails from southern Europe. Two kinds are commonly grown curly-leaf and flat-leaf. Curly-leaf grows 6-18 inches tall and wide. This makes the most attractive garnish. Flat-leaf- Grows... > Organic Parsley

Mint Family
There are 2 main varieties of Rosemary, creeping which spreads around like ground cover and upright which simply grows upright! The genus name, Rosmarius, means “dew of the sea” a reference to… > Organic Rosemary

Mint Family
Sage grows 1-2 ft tall and includes a few different types of varieties. This Mediterranean native is the traditional culinary and medicinal sage. It is often used with poultry, potatoes and many…. > Organic Sage

Sunflower Family
Stevia is native to subtropical and tropical regions of North America to South America. It is grown for its sweet leaves. As a sweetener and sugar substitute, stevia’s taste has… > Organic Stevia

Sweet Marjoram
Mint Family
The oregano tribe includes several species called marjoram. The smell from this herb is unmatched! Native to the Mediterranean and Turkey, sweet marjoram grows to 1-2 ft tall and wide. As a culinary herb… > Sweet Marjoram

Sunflower Family
Tarragon can grow up to 2 ft tall. This plant is native to Central Europe, Eastern Europe and Southern Russia. Tarragon is a sprawling, largely flowerless plant with shiny dark green, aromatic, flavorful…. > Organic Tarragon

Mint Family
Thyme can grow up to 1 ft tall and 2 ft wide. Thymes are diminutive Mediterranean members of the mint family with tiny, usually heavily scented leaves. Lemon Thyme is one of the most pleasant smells… > Organic Thyme

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