Organic Lettuce Growing Directions

Growing lettuce is essential in your Harvest to Home garden. Each head of lettuce will provide you with organic, crisp, tasty leaves all season long. Wait till the lettuce is about 6-8 inches tall before you start to harvest. Pick the outside leaves ONLY, leaving the inside leaves to grow in their place. You want to pick about 25% of the each plant at the most when harvesting.

Lettuce will attract whiteflies which will live on the bottom of the plant and its leaves. It is important to spray Essential Oil all around the plant including its base.  Lettuce can also sometimes attract caterpillars (when you see holes in the leaves or black droppings), so applications of “BT” are recommended.

 Organic Lettuce Information

Sunflower family

Cool season vegetable

How fresh is the lettuce you buy at the grocery store? It’s been out of the ground for weeks before it reaches the store. Once bought, it is soggy with a 4-5 day life span before it turns to mush. With your Harvest to Home box your lettuce is as fresh and crispy as possible. Once mature (2-3 weeks) you may pick from the heads daily for your salads or sandwiches. Lettuce is one, if not the most popular box we deliver at Harvest to Home.

Best site: In a sunny location in cool weather or partial shade when it’s hot.

Pruning, training: Tear off any dead leaves around the outside of the plant.

Time to Harvest: Harvest in 2 to 4 weeks and on.

Harvest: Eat outside leaves as plant fills in. For all types of lettuce, harvest by removing leaves from the outside of the clusters.