Cabbage Family
This weedy-looking Mediterranean native, sometimes called rocket is grown for its 1- to 4 inch long leaves, which resemble small mustard leaves and lend a nutty zing to green salads. In winter… > Organic Arugula

Goosefoot Family
Tough this European native is best known for its edible roots, its tender young leaves are also tasty when chopped fine and added to salads or steamed or sautéed… > Organic Beets

Bok Choy
Cabbage Family
Bok Choy is relatively mild, but with a hint of mustard in its flavor. Tender, crisp, sweet, and very mild. Good alone, with meat, and in soups and stir-fries… > Organic Bok Choy

Cabbage Family
Among cabbage crops, broccoli is arguably the best all-around choice for the home gardener. It is thought to be a Mediterranean native. It will harvest a fresh head ready for you to pick quickly… > Organic Broccoli

Carrot Family
Carrots were probably first developed in Afghanistan; the familiar orange versions were selected from yellow ones in the Netherlands around 1600. Carrots are very high in beta-carotene and… > Organic Carrots

Cabbage Family
Cauliflower is thought to have originated in the Mediterranean region. Cauliflower is similar to broccoli with its size and method of growing. You can sit back and watch your meal growing in front… > Organic Cauliflower

Carrot Family
This salad vegetable is grown for its thick, crunchy stalks. Native to Europe and Asia, it performs best where it has long, mild growing season… > Organic Celery

Cucumbers                                                                                                                                                                                                       Gourd Family Cucumbers are a must for a Harvest to Home customer. If you haven’t tried a home grown cucumber then you haven’t really tasted a cucumber!… > Organic Cucumbers

Kale                                                                                                                                                                Cabbage family Simply put, Kale is a juicers paradise! Kale juice considered to be a highly nutritious vegetable with powerful antioxidant properties… >Organic Kale

Sunflower Family
How fresh is the lettuce you buy at the grocery store? It has been out of the ground for weeks before it reaches the store…>Organic Lettuce

Lily family
The onion bulb has been in cultivation since the time of the ancient Egyptians.  Homegrown onions are very sweet and delicious…>Organic Onions

Nightshade Family
Peppers are native to tropical South America. All types grow on attractive bushy plants ranging from less than a foot high to 4 ft tall>Organic Peppers

Snap Peas
Pea Family
Tender, fleshy pods; not stringy. Color may be green, yellow or purple. These require a trellis to grow up for support. They will provide a fresh pod with a wealth of taste inside…>Organic Snap Peas

Goosefoot Family
This wonderful cool season plant is thought to have originated in central Asia. It grows in upright leafy clumps up to about 1ft tall…>Organic Spinach

Gourd Family
Squash is a Harvest to Home favorite!  During the hot summer a squash plant will grow very quickly and provide you with a bountiful harvest…
>Organic Squash 

Swiss Chard                                                    Goosefoot Family
Swiss chard is a type of beet plant grown for its nutritious leaves and stalks rather than its roots. It originated in the Mediterranean area… >Organic Swiss Chard

Tomatillos                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Nightshade Famiy This easy-to-grow tomato relative hails from Mexico. It has bushy, sprawling growth and reaches up to 4 feet. In the summertime fruit swells to fill, and eventually split, the loose…. > Organic Tomatillos

Tomatoes                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Nightshade Family Both easy and prolific the classic tomato is king of the Harvest to Home garden.  Just one box can easily produce 30 to 50 POUNDS of sweet delicious tomatoes!…. > Organic Tomatoes


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