Organic Rosemary Directions

Mint Family

Cool and warm season herb

There are 2 main varieties of Rosemary, creeping, which spreads like a ground cover and upright which simply grows upright!  The genus name, Rosmarius, means “dew of the sea” a reference to the plants native habitat on seaside cliffs in the Mediterranean region. This tough plant grows most luxuriantly just above the tide line, braving wind and salt spray. But it will also thrive inland, even enduring blistering sun.  Leaves are widely used as seasoning but it is also used in medicines, cosmetics, potpourri, and moth repellents.  Rosemary is a strong herb and can used with meats and seafood’s. It is also used in Italian dishes.

Best Site: In a sunny location or part shade.

Quantity: Up to 6 plants per box and generally intermixed with other herbs.

Pruning and training: Control growth by frequent tip-pinching when plants are small.

Time to harvest: Harvest in 3 weeks and on throughout the growing season.

Harvesting: Snip tender tip growth as needed. Only snip leaves and not stem.

Pest control: Regular applications of neem oil recommended.