Organic Onion Growing Directions

Growing onions in your Harvest to Home garden is easy. You may harvest the top onion greens throughout the season. Simply grab the green stalks and cut about 25%- 50% of them with a pair of scissors.  Onion bulbs grow slowly (2-4 months) so clip the greens while you wait. You can continue to do this throughout the season until the bulbs are large enough for you to pull the entire plant.

Essential Oil is recommended on the stalks of the onion plant but not necessary. Onions rarely attracts insects, in fact they sometimes deter them.


Organic Onion Information

Lily family

Cool season vegetable

The onion bulb has been in cultivation since the time of the ancient Egyptians. Homegrown onions are very sweet and delicious.

Best site: In a sunny location in cooler weather.

Pruning and training: Pull out any dead stems.

Time to harvest: Harvest in 2 to 3 weeks for green onion stems and 8 to 16 weeks for the bulbs.