Organic Cucumber Directions

Growing cucumbers is a must in every Harvest to Home garden. The plants will provide you with 25-45 cucumbers that taste unlike anything you have ever bought at a store! Cucumbers require a trellis that the vines will naturally climb up. It is a good idea to place the vines on the trellis the first few weeks till the plants start to hold on and climb themselves. Once the plant has started growing, it will produce yellow/orange flowers. Each flower will be followed by a cucumber. Harvest the cucumbers when they are 7-12 inches depending on the variety. Cucumbers will attract white flies so regular applications of Essential Oil is recommended. They also sometimes attract caterpillars, so applications of “BT” is also recommended.

Organic Cucumber Information

Gourd family

Warm season vegetable

Cucumbers are a must for a Harvest to Home customer. If you haven’t tried a home grown cucumber then you haven’t really tasted a cucumber! The flavor is distinct unlike a store bought cucumber that tastes like….almost nothing. We have some really nice varieties that will leave you wishing cucumbers grew all year long.

Best site: In a sunny location in hot weather.

Pruning and training: These require a trellis to climb up for best results. Snip off dead leaves throughout the season.

Time to harvest: Harvest in 7 to 8 weeks depending on variety.


Armenian (yard long): These can literally grow to be a yard long! They are a bit mild and perfect for cooking things like tzatziki sauce.

Burp less: These are similar to what you see at the grocery store in shape. They are called burp less because their skin does not cause any stomach indigestion.

Bush Crop: Grow quickly and provide a nice medium sized cucumber similar to what you see at the grocery store.

Japanese: A longtime favorite in Japan that produces long slender cucumbers.