Organic Snap Pea Growing Directions

Growing Snap Peas & Green Beans are very fun with your Harvest to Home garden. All peas and beans require a trellis to climb up. The peas will grow curling arms that will grab on and climb up to support the peas. In the first few weeks place the vines on the trellis to help the arms begin. Once established they will start to sprout white flowers that will be followed by the fruit!

Peas and beans will attract caterpillars, regular applications of “BT” are recommended.

Pea Family

Fall/Winter/Spring vegetable

Both Snap Peas and Sugar Snap Peas provide tender, sweet, and fleshy pods full of vitamins and are delicious to taste. These plants will provide many fresh pods with a wealth of taste and nutrition inside!  Snap pea blossoms also provide a delightful fragrance to your home and garden.

Best Site: In a sunny location with mild heat. Peas grow best in the Spring, Fall and winter seasons.

Pruning and training: Pea boxes require an additional trellis for support. Remove dead leaves.

Time to Harvest: Harvest in 7 to 8 weeks.

Harvest: Simply pick off the pods as desired.

Snap Pea
Green Pea