Growing Dill

How to grow Dill

Growing Dill is fun in your Harvest to Home garden. One dill plant will provide you with plenty of that dominate flavor you love all season along! To grow dill simply give the plant a few weeks to get established. Once it has reached 9-18 inches in height you may pick 25% of the plant. When picking herbs make sure to only harvest the leaves and not the stems. The only time you want to harvest the stem is when a plant is growing very large and shading out the herb next to it. After a few months your herb plants will grow so large that you will become a hit with the neighbors when it comes to seasoning the fish!

Dill Information

Carrot Family

Cool season herb

Dill is native to southwestern Asia and has naturalized in the northern US. Dill grows 2-3 ft tall and 6 inches wide.  The strong aroma of its leaves and seeds make it a very popular culinary herb. Use dill with seafood’s, salads, tzatziki, fish or anything that requires a strong flavor. Make sure to try our Harvest to Home tzatziki recipe. It is a cucumber, dill, and yogurt topping that is nothing short of amazing!

Best Site: In a sunny location in cool weather.

Pruning and training: Remove flower heads before plants go to seed.

Time to harvest: Harvest in 3 weeks and on.

Harvesting: Grab the stem from the lower part and slide your hand up the stem. The Dill leaves will simply come off leaving the stem bare and the leaves in your hand.

Pest control: Regular applications of essential oil is required.