Our Mission at Harvest To Home

You truly are what you eat!


The goal of Harvest to Home is to provide vitamin rich, great tasting, organic produce for families and households that do not have the time or knowledge to grow a organic edible garden on their own. We promote a healthy lifestyle through growing food, educating about gardening, providing recipes, health tips, all with excellent customer service. We make having a garden easy, convenient, and believe the path to good health is through a good diet. A good balanced plant-based diet along with exercise will help you feel great on a daily basis both mentally and physically. This starts at a young age which is why we encourage all children to get their hands dirty and play in the garden. It’s a great bonding activity and once they watch it grow, they’ll want to eat it as well.



Our Mission Statement


Our mission at Harvest to Home is to enrich your life with beauty and nutrition through green walls, living art, and organic gardens. A correctly planted, green, clean, garden made from the highest quality organic materials will provide a bountiful harvest.

We do this all with gratitude and the highest-quality customer service.