Squash Growing Directions

Growing Squash is great in your Harvest to Home garden. All growing squash enjoys warm weather, the leaves can grow quite large which enable the plant to harvest much of the sun’s energy. During a hot summer you can see zucchini grow from seedling to full fruit in 3-4 weeks! You must give squash plants space to grow, do not place anything within 18 inches of either side of the plant.

The large leaves will gather moisture from the morning dew, that the sun will burn off later in the day. In the case of repeated overcast weather, squash can develop mildew. Essential Oil is REQUIRED. Squash should be picked when it’s small and tender, about 5 to 10 inches in length. If you let it grow much larger it will contain more seeds and lose flavor.

Organic Squash Information

Gourd family

Warm season vegetable

Squash is a Harvest to Home favorite! During the hot summer a squash plant will grow very quickly and provide you with a bountiful harvest. Each individual squash plant has both male and female flowers which will develop into the squash that you will harvest. The blossoms and tiny developing fruit at the base of female flowers may also be eaten as delicacies.

Best site: Squash needs an open site with full sun and plenty of space.

Pruning and training: Remove dead leaves.

Time to harvest: Harvest in 6 to 8 weeks and on through the season.