Organic Spinach Growing Directions

Growing Spinach is easy in your Harvest to Home garden. Spinach is similar to lettuce in the fact that you can pick the outside leaves and watch the inner leaves grow back. Wait till the plant is 5-7 inches in width and harvest the outside leaves, allow the inside leaves to continue growing. Spinach will continue to produce crisp organic leaves all season long!

Spinach attracts white flies and caterpillars so regular applications of Essential oil and “BT” are recommended.

Organic Spinach Information

Goosefoot family

Cool season vegetable

Organic Spinach is a wonderful cool season plant and is thought to have originated in central Asia. It grows in upright leafy clumps up to about 1ft tall. Spinach is highly nutritious and can be steamed, cooked, or eaten raw in any salad.

Best site: In a sunny location in cooler weather.

Pruning and training: Remove any dead leaves.

Time to Harvest: Harvest in 3 to 4 weeks and on throughout the season.

Harvest: Simply snip off outer leaves at the stem and new growth will continue to appear from the center of the plant.