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Organic Garden

Our organic garden services offers edible gardens

Eating homegrown produce from your own organic garden is a truly amazing experience. It might be difficult to believe if you’ve never tried it, but the quality and freshness of homegrown fruit is instantly recognizable. In order to share this experience, Harvest to Home designs, installs, and maintains customized organic vegetable and herb gardens.

Our organic garden service is perfect for families that are concerned with eating healthy and maintaining a balanced diet, but may not have the expertise to grow their own organic garden. Our professionals offer you all of the benefits of homegrown organic produce with none of the hassle.

All of our gardens include weekly maintenance from our Garden Specialists, who follow a strict 12 Point Maintenance Service Plan to ensure that your garden is healthy and thriving.

For more information on our organic gardens please visit our Vegetable & Herb Garden page.

Succulent Walls

Instead of using pictures to decorate your home, why not incorporate a gorgeous living wall? Our organic garden team designs, installs, and maintains these breathtaking pieces of living art for each of our customers.

Succulent walls are the epitome of living art, and are created using a wide variety of colors and textures. All walls incorporate fresh plants grown from our organic garden. These brilliant combinations add unique and natural beauty to your home or business.

The service begins with one of our living wall designers visiting you at your home or office to discuss the ideal location for your succulent wall. From there, we collaborate with you to find the perfect combination of plants for your space.

Our organic garden designers create gorgeous succulent walls

Our organic garden designers will communicate with you throughout the process, ensuring that your vision matches our creation. Once completed we will install your living art, and leave you to enjoy its beauty, providing monthly maintenance to ensure that the wall continues to thrive.

You can learn more about our amazing succulent walls by visiting our Green Wall page.

Moss Walls

Our garden design services include moss wall design

Our organic garden designers specialize in the design and installation of moss walls for your home or business. Moss walls are a fantastic addition, both for their unique beauty and their easy upkeep.

At Harvest to Home, our organic garden design team designs and installs these beautiful individualized pieces of natural art for each of our customers, and incorporate driftwood and other organic material as desired, to add personality and style to your piece.

Moss walls are maintenance-free, which makes them the perfect option for those of us lacking a green thumb, or simply leading busy lives. They don’t require watering, sun exposure, or fertilization. Simply design, install, and enjoy their beauty for years to come.

Please visit our Moss Walls page for more information on these simple and elegant forms of natural art.

Organic Garden Maintenance

Maintaining a thriving organic garden is much more difficult than you may think. It requires years of experience and a significant time commitment. A garden is a living organism, and a lot can change in seven days.

If your plants don’t receive skilled care at least every week, they will produce smaller yields, over-ripen its fruit, begin to grow into each other, become sickly and vulnerable to pests. Understanding the proper methods of harvesting, pruning, and fending off pests and insects are just a few of the necessary pieces of knowledge. Our specialty at Harvest to Home is the long-term care of your organic garden.

In addition to the quality of maintenance services we provide, we strongly believe that the high level of customer service and expertise we offer our clients sets us apart from your typical garden company. 

Harvest to home create the organic garden of your dreams

Our customers become family as we build relationships with them over our weekly visits, regular communications, and complimentary gardening classes.

Consistent communication with our customers allows us to offer them the best quality organic garden maintenance possible. Each of our customers has an account manager dedicated to supervising their organic garden. Keeping in touch regularly by phone and during our maintenance allows us to proactively address any concerns or questions you may have.

Please visit our Garden Maintenance page for more information on our maintenance services.

Fruit Trees

Our organic garden fruit trees are amazing

Enjoying homegrown fruit picked straight from the tree is a must, especially while basking in the gorgeous southern California sunshine.

Taking a bite out of a piece of sweet, refreshing fruit picked right in your own backyard is amazing. This is  made even better when you know that the fruit your eating is organic and free of pesticides.

Our organic garden professionals at Harvest to Home maintain a comprehensive fruit tree nursery database at our lovely Costa Mesa showroom.

All of our trees are GMO-free, and treated only with the most environmentally friendly nutrients. Our organic garden professionals use a very specific method of planting your fruit trees.

This process allows for proper drainage and utilizes organic fertilizer to keep your trees growing and happy.

Our service involves much more than just selling fruit trees- we deliver, install, and correctly maintain them. Our organic garden team offers regular maintenance, which involves fertilization, pruning, and harvesting, irrigation, and more.

Learn more about our comprehensive fruit tree services by visiting our Fruit Tree page.

Berry Patches

Berry patches make a fantastic addition to your backyard. The quality of fresh picked berries is simply amazing, and far exceeds anything you’ll find in the grocery store. But berry patches can be difficult to grow and maintain, and require the oversight of an experienced professional in order to thrive.

That’s why our organic garden professionals at Harvest to Home lend a hand with our berry patch selection, planting, and maintenance services.

Berries are rich with vitamins and provide a nutritious addition to your family’s diet. All of the berries our organic garden service plants and maintains are organic and free of chemicals, which sets them apart from the berries found in the store or the farmers market.

If you would like more information on berry patches for your home, please visit our Berry Patches page.

Try our organic garden berries

Organic Gardening Classes

Check our our organic garden classes

Harvest to Home provides complimentary gardening classes every other week from our Costa Mesa showroom.

Our organic garden classes are perfect for anyone looking to learn more about maintaining a garden– regardless of your gardening abilities!

Attendees range in age and skill level, and each week brings an exciting mixture of adults, children, and teens looking to enjoy the sunshine and develop their green thumb.

Our organic garden classes cover a wide range of gardening strategies.

These lessons about which plants grow best at different times of the year, how to plant seeds and begin your garden, proper methods of watering and plant care, the basics of fertilization and soil selection, and much more.

Please visit our Gardening Classes page if you’d like to register for our complimentary gardening classes.

Custom Potted Arrangements

In addition to providing a range of plant life for your organic garden, Harvest to Home provides our clients with custom potted arrangements for their gardens.

We work with you to create individualized ceramic container arrangements comprised of “thrillers, fillers, and spillers” to add style and personality to your space.

Additionally, we are happy to help you to transfer all plants from their old containers into their beautiful new ceramic pottery.

Check out our Custom Potted Arrangement page to learn more about our service.

We create custom ceramic pots for your organic garden

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