Organic Bok Choy Growing Directions

Bok Choy is a refreshing and prolific plant to add to your Harvest to Home collection. It will continue to produce its edible leaves throughout the cool season. It is your choice when your leaves are ready, the longer you wait the larger the leaves will become. Just make sure to harvest the outside leaves, leaving the smaller inner leaves to grow back. To harvest, break off each leaf from the bottom white stem.

Bok Choy often times attracts white flies so regular applications of Essential oil are highly recommended.

 Bok Choy Information

Cabbage Family

Cool season vegetable

Growing Bok Choy is simple. It’s mild, tender, and crisp leaves give a hint of a mustard flavor. It is delicious alone, with meat, or in soups and stir-fries.

Best site: In a sunny location in cooler weather.

Pruning and training: Remove dead leaves.

Time to harvest: Begin harvesting leaves in 3-4 weeks and on throughout the season.

Harvest: Snip or pick off large leaves with stems around the outside, it will continue to grow from the new shoots in the center.