Organic Tomatillo Growing Directions

Growing tomatillos are easy in your Harvest to Home garden. Tomatillos require a trellis to cage in the plant and help support the weight of the fruit. As the stems and leaves shoot up, make sure to keep ALL parts of the plant inside the trellis. If you have a branch grow out, a tomatillo will sprout and its weight will snap the branch. If all branches are inside the trellis you will have a great harvest. Also, make sure to prune the plant if it starts to grow taller than the trellis. Simply clip any branches that shoot higher than the top. This will encourage plant’s growth to be in the middle of the tomatillo bush.

Tomatillos will attract catepilars, regular applications of “BT” are recommended.

Organic Tomatillo Information

Nightshade family

Warm season vegetable

This easy-to-grow tomato relative hails from Mexico. It has bushy, sprawling growth and reaches up to 4 feet. In the summertime fruit swells to fill, and eventually split, the loose papery husk that surrounds it. When fully ripe the fruit is yellow to purple, about 2 inches wide, and very sweet. Typically you will pick them when they are green and tart. They are best used in sauces and other dishes.

Tomatillos are tough and prolific. They can be used raw in salads or cooked in salsa verde. They can also be made into jams, jellies and can be used in Mexican as well as American dishes.

Best site: In a sunny location and warm weather, they love the heat!

Pruning and training: Tomatillos require an additional trellis to help support fruit bearing branches.

Time to harvest: Harvest in 9 to 11 weeks continuing throughout the growing season.