Grow Mint

How to grow mint

Growing mint is easy in your Harvest to Home garden. Planting mint will provide you with plenty of flavor all season along! Give the plants a few weeks to get established. Once you have a healthy amount of leaves you may pick 25% of the entire plant. When picking mint make sure to only harvest the leaves and not the stems to start. Mint has a habit of taking over its surroundings so once it has started over growing, feel free to cut off the stems as well. The plant will send small shoots all around the soil and start to take over, it is best to grow mint in a container. With all of the differnt mint leaves you will really start to fall in love with planting mint!

Mint Information

Mint Family

Cold and Warm season herb

Tough and unfussy mint, a Mediterranean native grows almost anywhere. Plants spread rapidly by underground stems and can be quite invasive. Harvest to Home makes this easy changing your box out every season (4months).

There are many different varieties of mint that will provide you with many flavors. Mint is most commonly used to make tea. It is also used as a seasoning used in salads, tzatziki, sandwiches and Thai dishes.

Best Site: In a sunny location or partial shade.

Pruning and training: Cut mint back heavily, it grows back quickly.

Time to harvest: In 3 weeks and on throughout the season.

Harvesting: Snip off tender new growth as needed. Older growth becomes woody.

Pest control: Regular applications of BT recommended.


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