Organic Sage Directions


Mint Family

Warm and cool season herb

Sage grows 1-2 ft tall and includes a few different types of varieties.  This Mediterranean native is the traditional culinary and medicinal sage. It is often used with poultry, potatoes and many Italian dishes.

Best Site: In a sunny location in cooler weather or partial shade in warmer weather.

Quantity: Up to 6 plants per box and generally intermixed with other herbs.

Pruning, training: Snip off the Sage leaves as needed.

Time to harvest: 3 weeks and on throughout the growing season.

Harvest: Wait till the plant has been established with some nice growth then snip leaves as needed. Do not cut stem.

Pest control: Regular applications of neem oil recommended.

Harvest To Home Varieties:

Berggarten Sage- More compact, denser growth, rounder leaves, and fewer flowers.

Icterina Sage- Variegated grey-green leaves with golden border.