Growing Oregano

How to grow Oregano

Oregano growing is easy in your garden. Planting Oregano will give you a flatter plant with smaller leaves often times called a ground cover. Being in the mint family growing oregano can take over your garden. It is best to grow it in a container. You want to give the plant a few weeks to get established. Once the leaves have started into a small bush, you may pick 25% of the plant. When picking oregano make sure to only harvest the leaves and not the stems unless the plant has become invasive. After no time you will be the hit in kitchen with this fresh herb!

Mint Information

Mint Family

Cool and warm season herb

These popular “pizza herbs” will grow about 6 inches tall and will spread throughout the top of the box. The leaves will provide a strong scent and flavor.

Oregano is used in many Italian and Mexican dishes and can be used as a seasoning in many other cuisines. It can be used fresh or dried.

Best Site: Sunny location to part shade.

Pruning and training: Remove blossoms and keep the plant trimmed to encourage growth.

Time to harvest: 3 weeks and on throughout the season.

Pest control: Regular applications of Essential Oils are recommended.


  • Greek Oregano
  • Golden Oregano
  • Italian Oregano