Organic Tomato Growing Directions

Maintaining Your Tomato:

Keep the branches of the tomato supported by the trellis, snipping off the ends, if necessary. Do not snip ends with flowers! Each flower will develop a tomato. Beefsteak tomatoes can grow large and heavy, so ensure that fruiting branches are well supported. Medium & cherry size tomatoes will require the same though not weighing as much. Regular applications of BT spray is a must! While the leaves of the tomato plants are hazardous for humans to eat, bugs love them. For best results, let the tomatoes ripen on the vine.

If you are watering the tomatoes yourself, make sure to keep the water reservoir FULL with water or keep your soil moist. During the hot summer days, tomatoes can drink up to 3 gallons of water! A self-watering or irrigation system is highly recommended. If you forget to water the box and the soil becomes very dry then very wet, the tomatoes can develop black patches on their bottoms, called “blossom end rot.”

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Tomato Information

Nightshade Family

Fall/Spring/Summer Season Vegetable

Tomatoes are native to western South and Central Americas. In 1519 Cortez found tomatoes grown in Montezuma’s gardens and took some home to Spain, where they were grown as ornamental curiosities. Over time the delicious taste of the tomato was embraced by the Italians, who began using it extensively in their cooking.

Growing tomato plants are both easy and prolific. The classic tomato is king of the Harvest to Home garden. Just one box can easily produce 30 to 50 POUNDS of sweet delicious homegrown tomatoes! Our vine ripened, organic tomatoes have probably the greatest superiority in flavor over store bought varieties. We grow many unique heirloom tomatoes from seed to bring you culinary experiences that are not available to the average consumer as well as the tried and true beefsteak and early girl tomatoes.

Best site: In a sunny location in hot weather. Cool season varieties are also available.

Pruning and training: Tomatoes require an additional trellis to support fruit bearing branches and minimal maintenance.  Please refer to our tomato direction page for additional information.

Time to harvest: Harvest time Is dependent upon variety and usually from 8 weeks on.

Harvest: Simply pick off tomatoes when they are soft and ripe.


Tomato information: We have many different varieties of tomatoes ranging in color, shape, flavor, time to harvest, etc. Though all tomatoes share a determinate and indeterminate classification.

Determinate: These types are bushier and tend to bear all of their fruit at once or within a short period of time.

Indeterminate: These plants are more vine like, require more training, and generally bear fruit over a longer period of time.

Tip: Grow some tomatoes early, some in the middle, and some late in the season to have the longest and largest production possible, with your harvests staggered.  Once your tomatoes are producing you can have plenty of gourmet tomatoes for your salads for months!

Yellow Ppear Tomatoes
Mature Heirloom Tomato Box