Organic Swiss Chard Growing Directions

Swiss Chard is a hearty prolific plant, so growing chard is easy.  It will grow large in nearly any condition except hot weather. Simply wait till the chard is 10-18 inches and harvest the entire stock cutting from the bottom. Chard will continue to produce its crisp leaves all season long!

Swiss chard can attract white flies, regular applications of Essential oil are recommended.

Organic Swiss Chard  Information

Goosefoot family

Fall/Winter/Spring Vegetable

Swiss chard is a type of beet plant grown for its nutritious leaves and stalks rather than its roots. It originated in the Mediterranean area. Chard is one of the easiest-to-grow vegetables and its leaves can be harvested all season long.

Best site: In a sunny location in cooler weather.

Pruning and training: Remove any dead leaves.

Time to harvest: Harvest leaves in 4 weeks and on throughout the growing season.

Swiss Chard