Organic Beet Growing Directions

Beets are a wonderful addition to your Harvest to Home garden. The roots take awhile to grow (6-8 weeks) but you may harvest the greens in the meantime(2-3 weeks). You want them to be about 10-15 inches high and then they are ready to harvest. Do not take all the leaves at once, if you do the plant will not be able to harness the sun’s energy to grow the roots. The greens are great in salads, soups and vegetable stir fry’s.

For the best flavor, harvest the roots when they are 2-3 inches in width. To check their growth you can place your finger in the soil around the plant and feel the root growing in. This is especially fun to do with your children!

Organic Beet Information

Goosefoot Family

Cool season vegetable

Though this European native is best known for its edible roots, its tender young leaves are also tasty when chopped fine and added to salads, steamed, or sautéed.

Best site: In a sunny location in cooler weather. Prevent shading by other plants.

Pruning and training: Remove dead leaves.

Time to harvest: Harvest leaves within 3 weeks and roots within 6-8 weeks.

Pest control: Regular applications of essential oil recommended.