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Our Garden Design Service 

Harvest to Home is a garden design service specializing in design, installation, and maintenance of Organic Edible Gardens, Green Walls, and Living Art. Our service area is Orange County and Los Angeles with a Costa Mesa showroom that features a showcase edible garden, complimentary gardening classes, and custom planted pottery, driftwood pieces, plants, and living art for purchase.

The aim of our garden design service is to enrich our customers lives with aesthetic beauty and organic homegrown produce. The families we work with are interested in the benefits of an organic garden, but don’t have the time to grow and care for their own garden. We provide bridge that gap by offering you a comprehensive organic garden service. 

Our showroom features examples of our garden design service

From plant selection, to design and installation, all the way to weekly maintenance, Harvest to Home is your number one choice for organic gardening design services.

Our Philosophy

Learning about gardening during our garden design service.

We promote a healthy lifestyle through growing food, educating children about gardening, and providing recipes and health tips. Our garden design service makes having a garden easy and convenient.

We believe the path to good health is through a good diet. Combining a balanced, plant-based diet along with regular exercise helps our customers to look and feel great.

Healthy habits begin at a young age, which is why we encourage all children to really get their hands dirty and play in the garden. Gardening is a fantastic bonding activity, and your family will grow together along with your garden.

Custom Gardens for Your Home

Our garden design service offers raised garden beds, fruit trees, and wine barrels. We use the best organic materials to ensure that your plants will thrive, and that all fruit produced is of the highest organic quality.  

Harvest to Home offers comprehensive maintenance for all of our home gardens.

In addition to design and maintenance, we take pride in the quality of customer service we provide. Each customer is provided with a Garden Specialist who stays in touch with you to ensure that your needs are met.

You can learn more about our home garden service by visiting our Vegetable and Herb Garden page.

Learning about gardening during our garden design service.

Green Walls

Our garden design services offers beautiful living art

Green walls are the perfect addition to your home or business, adding life and character to any room.

Our designers will help you figure out what type of wall is best for your space, as well as your favorite design, and our maintenance services will help ensure your wall is looking great at all times of the year.

Our garden design service designs, builds and maintains colorful succulent walls, lush moss walls, cascading plant walls, and fragrant herb walls.

Visit our Green Wall page to learn more.

Our Mission Statement

The mission of Harvest to Home is to enrich lives with beauty and nutrition through green walls, living art, and organic gardens. We provide a correctly planted, green, clean garden made from the highest quality organic materials, to yield a bountiful harvest. We do this all with gratitude and the highest-quality customer service.

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