Succulent Wall Service

We create breath-taking, living art; we work with you to find a beautiful arrangement of plants to display in your home. Succulent walls come in a wide range of sizes and designs and make gorgeous additions to your home or yard.

Our succulent wall service specializes in succulent wall design, installation, and maintenance for your home or business.

These breathtaking walls are uniquely designed to your preference by our expert succulent wall designer. We can provide a natural look with the succulents planted with no particular order, or a custom design featuring a wave, swirl, heart, or even your name!

Talk to one of our designers today to create your own individualized succulent wall for your home or business.

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Design, Installation & Maintenance - We Do it All


We begin the design process by coming to your home or business and finding the ideal spot for your wall. Once we find the best location, we work together with you to discover which plant or combination of plants best matches your preferences.

Our succulent wall service designers keep in touch with you throughout the process, sending updates and pictures to ensure your satisfaction.

Once completed, they deliver it to your home ready-made, and mount it on the predetermined wall of your choice.


Our succulent wall service provides our customers with a special drip irrigation system to ensure that your wall is happy and thriving. Your irrigation system can either split off from your current hose spigot with a timer, or it can plug into your existing sprinkler system.

Your succulent wall can also be hand watered if you prefer not to use an irrigation system.


Our Harvest to Home staff offers monthly maintenance as a part of our succulent wall service.

Monthly maintenance from a professional will insure that your wall is growing well and reaching its full potential.

Monthly maintenance includes the following:

  • Pruning
  • Training
  • General clean up
  • De-leafing
  • Irrigation check

General Pricing

Succulent wall installations begin at $170/sq ft. This includes the entire design, wall system, all plants, installation, labor, etc.

Our Testimonials

I feel totally confident in my ability to keep my self-watering, pre-planted garden alive and thriving… Thanks to Harvest to Home the dreams of my inner hippie are now fully realized!

Dana G.

If you want to start your own garden but don't have any experience or don't know where to start, I would recommend using Harvest to Home.

Twiga C

Mike and Kirk seemed genuinely interested in making everything as perfect as they could. We worked out an agreement and they came through! Thanks guys!

George R C

I can't tell you how happy I am that I've found a company as thorough as Harvest to Home. I can honestly say it's been a long time since I've eaten such fresh vegetables and herbs!
Thank you Harvest to Home!

Lynn M C

Mike has been great to work with, his customer service is amazing. We also take part in their monthly maintenance service, we've had a few different people come out and they are all knowledgeable and helpful.
I highly recommend Harvest to Home!

Carlo V